Ergonomics Risk Assessment App

Mobile App Design

SmartErgo app uses artificial intelligence technology to detect human pose and uses Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) to approximate the risk of developing an injury. REBA is a common method used in industry and it computes an index between 1 (lowest risk level) to 15 (highest risk level). REBA uses the joint angles we get from the detected pose and compares them with the corresponding safe range of motion. This app detects a single person on a screen and evaluates REBA for that person. Based on REBA it classifies the activities into “low risk”, “medium risk”, and “high risk” and it shows the skeleton green, yellow and red, correspondingly.


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SmartErgo App

Mobile App Design

SmartErgo is a mobile app that identifies ergonomically unsafe actions.

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Conference paper

Spatio-Temporal Pyramid Graph Convolutions for Human Action Recognition and Postural Assessment

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Curiosity Day

Outreach Program

I volunteered at the Pacific Science Center curiosity day, and made a video to teach kids how optical tweezers work.

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