Pacific Science Center

Outreach Program

Curiosity Days are science-filled weekends for the whole community, with hands-on activities led by local experts built around a single, inspiring theme. I attended as a Ph.D. student from SMARTS Lab at UW Department of Mechanical Engineering. I made the following video to make it easier for kids to understand how optical tweezers work and why they are important tools.


Selected Works


Selected Accomplishments

Here is where I collect some of my accomplishments.

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Published Articles on my Work

Here is where I collect articles that are published about my work.

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SmartErgo App

Mobile App Design

SmartErgo is a mobile app that identifies ergonomically unsafe actions.

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Conference paper

Spatio-Temporal Pyramid Graph Convolutions for Human Action Recognition and Postural Assessment

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Curiosity Day

Outreach Program

I volunteered at the Pacific Science Center curiosity day, and made a video to teach kids how optical tweezers work.

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