Currently a Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. candidate at the University of Washington. I work in SMARTS lab with Dr. Banerjee on computational models and methods for learning sequential actions in robotic systems. I am expecting to graduate in December 2020.

My main interest is in Computer Vision for human action recognition and its real-life applications. I have been the lead Ph.D. student on three projects during my Ph.D.; the first one is Concurrent manipulation of optically actuated micro-robots, in which I developed a hierarchical Bayesian model for continual learning of the robot dynamics. The second project was sponsored by Amazon Robotics, for which I developed a human activity detection model to semantically segment long videos into different action classes. The last project I am working on is with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. In this project, I am developing an AI-based mobile application to educate workers on ergonomically poor postures.

I have been an research scientist intern at Facebook AI Research Lab, Menlo Park, CA, and the Honda Research institute, San Jose, CA.

I am a co-founder of The Graduate Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, at the University of Washington. For two years, we’ve organized events and workshops for graduate students. I helped to organize a panel on Creating a Stand-Out CV: Translating Your Research Experience Beyond the Ivy Walls for the WiSE conference 2018.

My story in Short


I am passionate about continual learning of any sequential data. Currently, my focus is on human action recognition, activity detection, and postural assessment problems.


I like to develop leadership skills. As the co-founder of the Graduate Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, I have the chance to have a positive impact on our community.


I have been a volunteer for the First Lego League, Time to Invent after-school outreach program, and the Pacific Science Center with the hope of creating a passion for science in our young generation.

Self Development

I believe self-development is necessary for everyone to live happier and make the most impact on society. I have finished a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training program at University of Washington, and I am a certified Yoga instructor now :)


I love swimming, lifting weights and practicing yoga in the morning.


I read positive psychology and enjoy listening to self-development podcasts.


Selected Works


Selected Accomplishments

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Published Articles on my Work

Here is where I collect articles that are published about my work.

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SmartErgo App

Mobile App Design

SmartErgo is a mobile app that identifies ergonomically unsafe actions.

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Conference paper

Spatio-Temporal Pyramid Graph Convolutions for Human Action Recognition and Postural Assessment

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Curiosity Day

Outreach Program

I volunteered at the Pacific Science Center curiosity day, and made a video to teach kids how optical tweezers work.

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